The starting point for most of these images is paint on board. A hand-held camera with a good macro lens is used to photograph areas of the paint surface at close range, using certain techniques of alignment and lighting. The resulting pictures are uploaded to a computer for digital editing.

The editing varies greatly. Sometimes it’s very light. Sometimes it is extensive and may involve iterative procedures.

Yellow Court images are printed inhouse on to canvas or on to a film that can be back-lit. For some of the works, the latter is very effective. The printer is an HP Designjet Z3100

Each Yellow Court print is a unique work: there are no print runs. Why not? Because it is much more interesting to make a set of variations than to turn out replicas, and the technology now available supports the interesting option as never before. Thus a print is no longer a final work in the old way. By printing it the artist decrees that it is the end point of one stage, but it is also a potential beginning: what Vasarely called a point de depart prototype. The original image is still there in the computer waiting for its future, which contains infinite possibilities. There is a certain resemblance to the evolution of living things.

The works shown here are only a sample. From time to time the sample will change.

Please note that no works are for sale from the website.


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