The Ferocity of the Struggle for Attention

Recently at the Tate Modern Gallery there was a serious act of vandalism which involved scrawling a message on the surface of a Rothko painting.  The message seemed to be an attempt to advertise something called “Yellowism”.

The founders of Yellowism have written a few paragraphs that they call a manifesto, but this is so lacking in substance that I wonder if the whole thing is just another attention-seeking stunt. In this case it deserves no attention, and I will give it none except what is necessarily involved in stating that Yellowism has nothing whatever to do with Yellow Court Studio.

You won’t need to be told this if you already know anything about Yellow Court, but if not you might just wonder. So if this is your first visit to us please read our previous blogs, check us out on Twitter and Facebook or visit our website ( On the website there is a page headed ‘Speaking of Which’ and it contains an entry on ‘Celebrity Artists’.  This has a few things to say about the desperate nature and corrupting effects of the struggle for attention.

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